Thursday, January 5, 2012

Look at Naty go...

Naty is doing everything.....

Army crawling, babbling, calling Frisco "ca", saying Daddy, kissing, jumping and NOW pulling up!!!

 We are so excited to watch her grow. Her brothers...well brother, Noah is absolutely head over heals in awe and love with this little girl. Kai, loves her but he would rather torture our cat, Frisco, which he has scratches all over his hands as a consequence of. LOL!!! Kai terrorizes our cat....that poor cat.

Well this blog entry isn't going ot be long its just a quick little something to update you on little Naty.

New tag line for this year:

Hip Hip Hooray....The Pattersons

New year New Start.....

Soooo.....Lets start off by saying Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas and HAPPY New Year, Ok so this is a combination blog because there has been a lot going on  these past 2 months!!!

So many of you know that we moved to Dallas because of Bens job opportunity.....And that is where we started ouir holiday seasons off. We had our Thanksgiving here just us, with great food of course because thats how WE ROLL!!! Christmas pretty much the was hard to do becuase we havent had ANY income coming in for the past 3 months BUT hey tanks goodness we only have very small kids that are fine with getting a few things that were CHEAP...hahahaha. So Christmas was fantastic!!!! Then New Years....which was and is litterally a fresh NEW start for my family. We have great resolutions and acheivable ones.

1st Resolution: Education
 We want to make sure that our kids just aren't TELEVISION kids. We want to make sure that our kids are well rounded kids that arent TV IDIOTS!!! So every morning I announce school and the kids love it. I teach them basic PreK things....shapes, numbers, letters, colors, early math and writing. Its pretty hard to teach Noah because this kid knows it ALL....sometimes I wonder if he is thinking "Mommy I know this"...hahahaha but hey it doesn't hurt for him to refresh.

2nd Resolution: Housing
 This is our year......we are making it so. This is the year we are going to buy a house!!!! So excited!!! We are super happy and feel blessed to be able to go from not having the potential of buying a house to being able to after 3 months of unemployement. We are looking for a house to move in by May we keep our fingers crossed and our prayers out to be able to find the perfect house with the great location for our family.

Thats our family resolutions.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Through trials and tribulations..........

So I have been really really neglectful of this blog......and A LOT has happened!!!

1. Ben lost his job and it left us jobless but NOT billess!! So we were in the same situation we were in almost 2 years ago.
2. My parents opened a bakery in Louisiana......the ONLY legit bakery in the city of Zachary.

And with us not having any money coming in at the time and only going out, I decided to propose that I go down to Louisiana and help my parents out with their bakery and bring in the very much needed extra cash. When I got there it was an amazing site to see ALL the wonderful appliances that were in this HUGE kitchen. I just knew that this was going to be a great fun adventure that was suppose to last for a couple of weeks.

Well this really good offer was offered to me by one of the investors.....a good amount of money to stay and finish getting the bakery off the ground. Which killed 2 birds with one stone to me, helping my parents out and also helping my family out with the lack of cash flow. So me and the family didn't take our return trip back home so that I could stay and earn the extra money and Ben could possibly look for a job back in our home state.  Well...."All that glitters ain't gold". And this so called "investor" reneged on his part and that left me and my family stuck in Louisiana with NO MONEY and NO WAY back to our home in Seattle!!!

My Mom(being the semi good woman she is...j/k I know she is reading this) did her part and helped me out as much as she could while I did my part and helped her out as much as I could. Taught me that your family(if they are TRUE family) will ALWAYS stand up and come through when others let you down.

Well we kept going and hammering away at making the Bakery the best it could be and as my suppose to be short time turned into 2 months we had made the Bakery a hit in the town. Serving fresh, quality, and homemade baked goods. And within those 2 months we were completely up to our eyeballs in cakes, pies for Thanksgiving and other specialty was amazing BUT honestly it was hard to leave my Boys and go to the Bakery everyday.  It was hard to go from the person that your kids depended on for everything and be "replaced" by another. It was hard not to hold my newborn daughter all the time except to nurse her. It was taking a toll on my emotions and I honestly wanted to stop BUT I didn't because I knew that I was doing something great and I had it reassured to me by the Spirit that my kids knew that I loved them and knew that I had not abandoned them. And that kept me going!!!

It was so fun to meet knew people that started out just as coworkers but ended up to be GREAT friends and people.

As the bakery got better and better it seemed to me that my personal life wasn't looking up. After being on several job interviews and talking to several people Ben still hadn't found a job and we were stuck between a rock and hard place.....either go back to Seattle to an apartment that we couldn't pay for or end our lease without having an idea of where we were going next.

But being the faithful people we were my husband and I stuck together and we prayed and fasted to be able to get the blessings that we needed......AND literally a week or 2 before we had to make our housing decision the LORD came through for us. Ben was offered a fantabulous job opportunity in.......DALLAS!!! That made us excited because we were 8 hours away from our family instead of 3000 miles away. We put ALL our trust in the Lord and at the end everything is starting to get back to the way it was......except we now have a deeper trust in the lord and it has helped our faith and love for the Lord.

I know that the Lord was with me these 2 hard and seemingly long months even though sometimes I felt that I had not enough strength or faith to go on. I know that the Lord has blessed me with the best husband for me ever. He is definitely the peanut butter to my PB&J sandwich or better yet the missing piece to my puzzle. I'm thankful for family who seem to stick together through thick and thin....even though we may not be a perfect family we are still trying OUR hardest. BUT most of all I'm thankful for my faith in the Lord and his guidance.

So here we go.....another fresh start in a NEW place....I miss my friends that I made in Washington terribly, but I know that they are only a short plane ride away.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Noahs New Hobby!!!

Watch out Tony comes Noah Patterson!!!!

Ben downloaded a game on the iPhone called Stickman Skate(I think thats the name) and Noah has been addicted to that game ever since!!!! So that started it, but then when we went to Louisiana to bless Natalie and attend our niece, Laurens wedding, Noah picked up my brother Micheals skateboard and started copying to moves he saw on the iPhone game!!!! We were all suprised by his balance and skills on something he has NEVER seen before except for on a phone!!!!

So now Noah is a skateboarding fool!!! I immediately ordered him a skateboard and he LOVES that thing!!!! He can do an ollie(sp?) and he learned it from the iPhone!!! He is AMAZING!!!! So we are looking for someone to teach him or even a class at BREC, but we are glad that he knows that he can do anything he wants to do!!!!

Till next time.......Thats All FOLKS!!!

Change isn't always good, BUT this time it is!!!

Sooooooooooo..................Its been a month since I have written a BLOG!!! Why you may ask! Well the name of that reason....Natalie Rose!!!! Yeah!!! For those that don't know(i don't know how, since her pics are EVERYWHERE) but just in case she is here and perfect!!! Lets rewind.....

So I had been having problems at the end of this pregnancy with contractions but no dialation!!! I went into the hospital on May 14 in the early evening with serious contractions, but of course when I got there, there was no change....NOT a suprise. So they strapped me in to be monitered and I was having crazy contractions BUT nothing to show for it. They offered morphine and everything imaginable to stop the contractions, but i refused b/c if she was to come there was no stopping her. So by Sunday morning when contractions hadn't stopped they gave me three choices....1. Continue to lay there in pain until it goes away, 2. Take a shot of morphine and go home or 3. Have her at 38 weeks against doctors orders. Those were our choices. We told them to let us have time to think about it. So what did we do? We took it to the Lord. Ben gave me a blessing and we said our prayers. In that blessing, Ben blessed me and Natalie that "we would both be fine with the decision that we were going to make" and that part of the blessing kept being repeated in my mind b/c the next thing i heard was "Amen", and I knew what was the best for us. So we told the doctor and the nurse we were going to have Natalie. After a couple of crazy comments by the doctor like, "I hope this baby is going to be ok" and other snide remarks, we were preped and ready to go.. I was taken into surgery at about 12:45pm, where I had warned Ben that when I get that spinal tap i might say a couple of not very choice words....and by the time I said that the anethist said I was ALL done!!!! I didn't even feel it!!!! And at 1:15pm there was the sweet screams of little Natalie. She weighed in at 7lbs 14oz and was 20 inches long....the smallest and shortest kid I have delivered!!!

A month later she is a great blessing and addition to our home!!! She is adored by her brothers, who everytime she enters the room is bombarded with kisses and hugs. She sleeps and eats on a almost perfect schedule. The little booger gained 2lbs in 2 weeks and now weighs a whopping 9lbs!!! And her blue.....yep blue eyes hasn't changed but seem to be sticking around for a little longer!!!!

I am so very blessed to be a Mommy to this little girl and 2 great little boys, who amaze me more everyday!!!

Until next time......Thats All Folks!!!!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Keeping on Keepoing on!!!!

So.....I haven't written in a long time. I have been extremely busy with keeping myself healthy and also chasing two crazy little boys around my house.

So NO baby yet unfortunately, BUT she is still healthy and thriving in her nice warm spot!!! I think that I have set the world record on visiting the doctors office in a week. Went to the hospital for a NST(non stress test) because Naty wasn't moving and was very unresponsive. But turns out that she is just lazy....hahahaha, if Ben was writing this he would say like me!! :) Her heratbeat is just fine and thats really all that they wanted to check to make sure she is isn't distressed. Me on the other hand I am the HOT MESS or like my freind would say I am a HOT NIGHTMARE!! On paper i look like death feet and hands swollen, cramps, contractions, migranes, and vision change! The only thing that is good with me is that my blood pressure is great!

The Boys are doing good and we have celebrated 2 birthdays!!!! Noah turned 3 and Kai 2!!! So now all thats left is a baby to come!!

So Ben and I celebrated another year of marriage. It doesn't seem that long ago that i met him!! 4 years, 2.5 children, a move 3000 miles from family and friends, and plenty of trials BUT its all been worth it.

Ben had a job interview with a medical sales rep. company and it just seems like we are getting closer and closer to our goals in life. The Lord has blessed us tremendously in our family and we know that as long as we continue to do what is right we will continue to be blessed.

Ben is the 2nd counselor in the Elders Quromn and I have just been called as the YW Laurel Advisor. I am looking forward to serving and becoming great freinds with the YW of the Beverly Park Ward!!! They are all so sweet and have beautiful spirits. This ward has embraced us with tons of friendships. And it has been great. For once in the last year I feel like I have a place that my family belongs. The Boys are starting to adapt well to Nursery and to some of the people here.

So that is whats going on this far. Hanging on and waiting for this little girl to show up.

Until next time........THATS ALL FOLKS!!!!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


So yesterday, I went to the doctors office for a routine visit..............O WAIT......lets back up to the night before when I was having horrible contractions that I could feel in my BACK!!! It was the longest night of my life AND of course my husband who while he is sleeping "wouldn't hear a dump truck driving through a nitro glycerin plant" never moved or made any indications that he heard me screaming in pain!!!! So then the next day, Natalie, who by the way is a VERY big mover didn't move at all. The only reason I knew that she was still there was because she had hiccups but other than that she was quiet. OK...........

So I went to the doctors office and they said that her activity was down and her heart beat was low. And they said other things BUT that is too personal for a blog.....ahahahhahaha!!!! They sent me over to Edmond's Hospital, which is very nice by the way, to get a non stress test. So after spending an hour there it was conclusive that my kid was just BIG and didn't have very much room. Hmmmmmm........interesting!!!!

So now I have been running around like a chicken with my head cut off trying to get last minute preparations done for this child. Today I cleaned out The Boys' drawers and man do they have lots of clothes.....Kai is set for life because he is following behind Noah, while my tall skinny Noah who is 3 needs to start wearing 5T!!!! WHAT!?!?!?! Yep that's what I said.....5T!!!!!

On top of ALL that, Noah is acting like he is possessed by DIABLO!!!!! And Kai is the definition of "terrible twos". I can tell this is going to be a very interesting household come MAY.......Lets all have a moment of silence...hahahaha.

Well, until next time......THAT'S ALL FOLKS!!!!! :)